« Harmonic details take the music of Chasing Sound to another level. »

– Süddeutsche Zeitung –

It is questionable whether Shakespeare would have liked it, but he no longer needs to worry about it, anyway. However, one thing is clear from the start: Chasing Sound are not afraid of greatness. Somewhere between Alternative Rock and Britpop, the four-piece effortlessly blends captivating melodies with massive guitar riffs, taking you back to the Manchester of the early 90s.
Combining the impossible is Chasing Sound’s specialty – as if Liam Gallagher and Roger Daltrey got drunk on Jameson in the rural tranquility of the Bavarian alps. “Harmonic details take the music of Chasing Sound to another level”, writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung. And in fact, the band has more to offer than the typical noodling of a newcomer garage band. The combination of crunching guitars and softer tones creates a unique and unexpected soundscape, turning punk rockers into romantics, and vice versa.
Always chasing the perfect sound since 2016, the four Munich-based musicians Sebi, Johnny, Josef and Alex have managed to play the final round of the Muc-King contest, as well as the Streetlife and Theatron festivals. Between university and full-time jobs, they have released an EP, produced a music video, work on an acoustic version of their setlist and smash piñatas deep beneath the cornfields of their native countryside. Overall a tone thick with smoke amid hazy, glittering chaos most closely defines what Chasing Sound are all about.


Upcoming Gigs

18.04.2020  //  Subkultur  //  Fürstenfeldbruck

05.08.2020  //  Bahnwärter Thiel  //  Munich

26.09.2020  //  Hirsch Lindenberg  //  Buchloe


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